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Success Factors for Kids

While there is no established recipe for raising successful children, research has pointed to a handful of predictors of success.

  • High expectations
  • higher socio-economic level
  • The levels of higher education
  • Provide early academic skills- A meta-analysis of 35,000 pre-learning center children found that developing cognitive skills by speaking more than one language at an early age can be a great advantage. The tremendous importance of second language or early language skills predicts not only future performance in social skills, safety, maturity, memory, cognition but also reading and problem-solving skills.
  • Offer Sensitive Care
  • The mirror effect- Children tend to be reflected in their parents, children who watch their parents angry or depressed while they meet them tend to be infected by these attitudes. For this reason they should maintain a cheerful positive and optimistic attitude while meeting with them. If children observe their parents striving and enthusiastically learning a second language just like them, the results will be successful.
  • Teach a growth mindset

When children think about success consistently they tend to take on attitudes of success.  Striving for success and avoiding failure at all costs become a way of maintaining meaning to be smart or clever.

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